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Watercolor Landscape Painting- “Lower Lake Sunset” by Raleigh NC Fine Artist


I have done several paintings of the Durant Nature Park in Raleigh (NC). That includes Plein Air paintings and sketches as well. I love this park which is closer to my home. I often schedule photography sessions there. There are two little lakes in the park. The lower lake is closer to the entrance. I did this painting during the summer. But, I used palette of yellows and earth colors which gives it a fall feeling.

This is a studio piece. At the time I was working on this painting, I was studying Nita Engle‘s painting techniques. Nita’s style is unique and exciting. I own her book “How to make a watercolor paint itself“. I like to learn and use variety of techniques. Not just for the sake of learning techniques, but, to suit different subjects and media. While I like Nita’s work, my personal preference is for a painting that is based on a good drawing. I also hate using the masking fluid. I know that purists accept the use of masking fluid but frown upon the use of gouache! Joseph Zbukvic– another favorite watercolorist of mine, uses white gouache for accents in his paintings. I was tempted to use the masking fluid for this painting. But, ended up not using it. I did throw lot of paint in the beginning. It was a complete mess! And the Arches 140 lb CP paper warped as I did not stretch it prior the painting session. I worked in stages. This process tests my patience! With alla prima and plein air paintings, I get to see the result in relatively short time-frame. The longer process keeps you on the edge.

Hopefully, it will be cool enough to paint outdoors soon. Meanwhile, I am enjoying painting live at weddings and events. My latest live painting was a watercolor at the Pavilions at the Angus Barn wedding reception. I am scheduled to paint live tomorrow at the Wish Upon A Wedding’s Launch party in Chapel Hill. But, I may paint that in oil. And I am also working on couple of contests…

"Lower Lake Sunset". Watercolor on paper. 21x14. Available. Artist - Tesh Parekh

– Tesh Parekh

Artist and Photographer


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