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Master copy drawings

I frequently copy drawings of Old Masters. Here are three of my recent drawings. Michaelangelo’s “Pieta” is one of my favorites. Although Michaelangelo never did a painting of it, I hope to do one someday. There are some difficulties in making accurate copies. But, I enjoy the process and learn a lot from the past masters. Use of multiple drawing media is an added benefit!

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  1. Good morning,

    I happened by this site and wanted to tell you. I AM painting the Pieta. The same one that you drew, based on Michaelangelo’s drawing for Vittoria Collonna. I did change it up a bit. Not an exact copy. I wanted the Madonna to be smaller thean she was drawn. Also I changed her face to look more like the Pieta in Marble.

    I’ll send you an image when I’m done. Keep up the cool work.


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